Prada Spring 2014 Menswear Collection

“Menacing Paradise”: something of an oxymoron, or a work of sartorial genius thanks to Miuccia Prada and the wild summer that she exhibited?

The perils came large, through the helicopter motors that churned on the soundtrack to the gloomy, lurid atmosphere; the entire show space seemed threatening. It was Prada at its best, where the clothing and the platform complemented each other in the birth of a story. It was alluded to, by Ms. Prada herself, as “questioning the cliché of the exotic, the cliché of the perfect summer – impossible happiness.”

The true wickedness of this paradise, however, was only partially embraced by the clothing, with models sweltering in tropical prints and amply tailored pieces in monochromatic tones from black to camel. The silk that embodied a majority of the collection was mysterious and allusive, only heightening the fascinatingly dark world presented to us.

The clothes certainly weren’t miraculous, but the scenario? Devilishly good.


The print complements fantastically with the deep aubergine and chocolate, but the length of the jacket and the billowy pants make the look seem a bit awkward.


What a fantastic print!


Crikey. The blouson… the polo…

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